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Solutions Bransden Joachain Physics Of Atoms And Molecules

B. Ultra-cold atoms 1) Photoassociation. 2) Ground-state collisions and ultra-cold gases (Feshbach resonances). 3) BEC of ultra-cold atoms. 4) Fermi-degenerate gases of ultra-cold atoms. 5) Creating cold-molecules from cold atoms.

Solutions Bransden Joachain Physics Of Atoms And Molecules

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D. Coherent control and dynamics 1) Electron wave packets in Rydberg atoms. 2) Coherent control of molecules. 3) Signatures of classical chaos in atomic spectra. 4) Negative hydrogen ion: Fundamental 3-body problem .

E. Test of fundamental symmetries in atoms and molecules 1) Parity non-conservation in atoms. 2) Experimental determination of the Rydberg constant. 3) Time-reversal tests in atomic physics. 4) Spectroscopy of exotic atoms: positronium, muonium, anti-hydrogen.


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