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How To Teach Pronunciation Gerald Kelly Free Downloadrar

as the teacher, i should clearly indicate my relationship with a student in my first encounter with him or her, using the students real name and always addressing the student by his or her preferred title. when i invite students to be volunteers to perform the activity, i introduce myself to the students and explain that i will be their teacher for this particular activity. i should not show the students my face in the first meeting, as it is common to introduce oneself in a professional setting through a formal hand shake. i should first listen to a students introduction, ask the student a few questions, have the student introduce themselves to me in return, and then we can move on to the main activity.

How To Teach Pronunciation Gerald Kelly Free Downloadrar

once we are ready to begin the activity, i should introduce the task and the whole class as my students as a group should be involved in assessing the difficulty level of the task and should also have some interaction with me, such as we need more mistakes or we need more time to learn. this means that they should be able to recognize when i introduce a new task and expect some help. i should respond with my thoughts and move on.

when a teacher first meets with a group of students, it is important to get to know their learning styles. i have both an introverted and an extroverted style of learning, and i believe that my students have similar styles of learning. when it comes to understanding the ways in which my students learn, it seems that they would learn by observing and by doing. although some students may follow this pattern, some will be quiet and observe without moving, and others may be more demonstrative and vocal.


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