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Silas Morgan

Karnan Malayalam Novel Pdf 111: A Masterpiece of Historical Fiction and Epic Fantasy

this is the first part of the novel, and it is a masterpiece. it touches upon many things like casteism, untouchability, and religion. it takes us to a time, where people were not racist, and did not hate others, or even think of what others were. instead it was the opposite. people did not see others as evil, but as their family. we did not think of our caste, we thought of our family, and we became what our family was. it was a time of true humanism, when there were no fights, no enmity, and no hatred. there was only love, care, and respect. we are not like that now. we do not care. we take each other for granted. we are fighting, we are hating. we are no longer human, but animals. that is how we are.

Karnan Malayalam Novel Pdf 111

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hinduism changed the face of india. it was a move from untouchability to humanism. it is the reason that the hindu religion is where we are in many respects now. it is the religion that taught us to be human, to be tolerant. it taught us to respect others and their beliefs, and not just put them in a corner. the reason karnan is so important, is that he took the first step. he changed the face of the people, and they followed his steps. they become humanists. it is the reason why we are no longer a hindu india, but a secular india. it is the reason why we talk about human rights, and not caste rights, or religion rights. it is also the reason that we have freedom of religion. it is the reason why there is a peaceful atmosphere, and there are no fights in india. it is because karnan took the first step, and paved the way for us.

the short stories are very well written and engaging, they can easily be read as a short story anthology. the poems in this book are the collections of earlier anthologies, but the good part is that they are well structured, and collected into a book. the novel has some problems. firstly, the author needs to address the problems, such as the lack of research on the epic and the author's point of view, etc. the title of the novel is very inaccurate. it is not a novel, but a collection of short stories. the book needs to have a new title. the author needs to do some more research about the epic. at least about the main characters of the epic and their stories. i would suggest, to the author to go and read the epic, and then research, research, research. read, read, read. then write, write, write, until you are comfortable with the epic and it's characters, and then write.


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