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Silas Morgan

Dxo V6 Finally Out For Mac

As of the most recent version, Zoner Photo finally added native support for some Fujifilm cameras. Not all of my cameras are included yet, but to their credit, Zoner Photo can still open the missing files through ACR, albeit a bit more slowly.

Dxo V6 Finally Out For Mac

Overall, this experiment has taught me that all my lenses are high resolution, and that lens resolution in general is probably not a topic worth fussing over. Subpixel patterns are equally unimportant. Instead, lenses do differentiate themselves in contrast and sharpness, and camera sensors in megapixels. And finally, the tiny GR III in crop mode can indeed outresolve the X100T, and out-contrast and out-sharpness it as well.

While contrast and saturation don't match 100% in my version and Fuji's, the colors are close enough for further processing. Darktable's default version does not match those colors at all. The zoomed-in version highlights even worse problems with sharpness and detail retention. After working with Fuji files in Darktable for about a year, and editing about 3500 Fuji files, I finally found a workflow that reliably produces results on par with Fuji's JPEGs:

And finally, I buy used gear. Cameras and lenses depreciate about 70% within the first two years, without losing any quality. A great camera from two years ago is still a great camera, but costs a third of the original price, and can be resold without loss. And is better for the environment. Win-win-win.

Excellent news though is that Photo Supreme can finally handle large images properly. It is able to import and index them just like other files, even supporting images which are too large for Adobe Lightroom Classic to import! Its new image processing features are on the slow side. While the dynamic preview gets refreshed at a fair rate, it takes several seconds for processing to be performed on the image when applying the adjustments, even for relatively minimal changes. 350c69d7ab


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