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Download Vintage Story PC Game 2018 [EXCLUSIVE]

You'll want to copy or cut the download and then navigate to the Mods folder where your Vintage Story files are. For windows they are in Username/AppData/Roaming/Vintagestory/Mods. There will be two mods in there as you can see from the picture. That's because the game modes are technically mods. Paste the zip file that you copied or cut, into this folder with the other mods.

Download Vintage Story PC Game 2018

Looty VintariansVersion 1.5.3, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. Ugh, 2 months since the last major update. In April the gardening season started and the sunny weather compelled me to spend most of my time outside and taking a break from programming in general. I've been programming almost non-stop over the winter and so I suppose this break was my compensation for that I might make a post on our garden and gardening methods in offtopic somewhen. Either way, it's gotten rainy again and most of the empty garden space now has something growing in it, so back to being somewhat more programmy! I'm happy to report that we finally got something story-like in the game. And a few more fun features to encourage exploration. The changes list has become quite huge again. Check it out!

Celeste is a 2018 platform game developed and published by indie studio Matt Makes Games. The player controls Madeline, a young woman with anxiety and depression who aims to climb Celeste Mountain. During her climb, she encounters several characters, including a personification of her self-doubt known as Badeline, who attempts to stop her from climbing the mountain.

Celeste released on January 25, 2018, for Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows, before being released on Xbox One the following day, and on Google Stadia in July 2020. Upon release, it received "universal acclaim" from critics, with multiple outlets describing it as one of the best video games of all time. Reviewers appreciated how narrative complimented its gameplay, and movement and controls were lauded as among the best in any video game. Critics appreciated its approach to difficulty and accessibility. Reviewers lauded the story as a whole as easy to relate to or "touching", and the depiction of depression and anxiety were praised. The pixel art style was praised as well, and its music was considered among the best video game soundtracks, with reviewers appreciating how it complemented the gameplay.

Since its release, Celeste has garnered a dedicated fandom and an active speedrunning community. On September 9, 2019, a free downloadable content (DLC) expansion named Farewell was released, introducing a new chapter to the game. The development team have stated that they do not intend to create a sequel for the main game, however a sequel to Celeste for PICO-8 titled Celeste 2: Lani's Trek was released in January 2021.

Thorson served as the writer for the story.[47] At the beginning of development, the team had little direction for the story.[48] The themes of Celeste took inspiration by Studio Ghibli films such as Spirited Away (2001),[49] and the developers knew that they wanted it to be more introspective compared to the more extroverted nature of TowerFall.[48] When developing Celeste, Thorson experienced a 'breaking point' where her depression and anxiety became too severe to be ignored, that then served as the inspiration for the story of Celeste. She decided to explore the ideas in a video game, however she found developing a narrative surrounding her experiences difficult, as her struggles were still ongoing throughout development.[24] She also found that, as she was "in the process of discovering her queerness" during development, the story inadvertently had queer undertones.[47] During the ending of Farewell, Madeline is seen with a transgender pride flag,[50][27] and Thorson later confirmed that Madeline was a transgender woman, which she regarded as obvious in retrospect, as Madeline's gender identity was inadvertently reflective of her own.[51][52] The large role of the story in Celeste surprised the developers, and they made the decision to delay Celeste in order to "do the story justice", properly connect it to the gameplay, and make Madeline's experiences in the narrative reflect the player's experiences during gameplay.[53]

Thorson believed that, when making a game about anxiety and depression, the player should be treated in the same way one would treat themselves. This transformed Celeste into a game about remembering to take care of oneself, and recognizing that sometimes self-improvement is necessary to avoid hurting others. The development team did not consult mental health professionals when developing the game, and instead decided to write the story based purely on their own experiences, as they desired to tell a personal and relatable story rather than to represent mental illness as a whole. The team aimed to ensure serious issues were not trivialized within the story, and repeatedly changed the dialogue to ensure it matched the characters' place in the story as a whole.[24]

The Farewell expansion began development following a long break after release,[17] and was developed in conjugation with the team's next project Earthblade.[17][60] Initially planned to be a self-contained collection of extremely difficult levels,[61] the expansion later grew in scope, and a new narrative was added to make it feel whole. The narrative continues the story of the base game and reinforces that Madeline continues to struggle with the same problems. Farewell was released at no additional cost, though Thorson noted that it was only possible due to the financial success of Celeste.[17] Raine returned to compose the soundtrack for Farewell.[62][63]

Celeste was announced in July 2016, and Thorson and Berry livestreamed themselves developing the game on Twitch. The next month, a demo of the game was made playable at PAX West's Indie Megabooth.[31] Celeste was initially announced for release in 2017,[64] as Thorson and Berry wanted it to release as a launch game for the then-upcoming Nintendo Switch in March 2017.[65] By December 2016, its release window had been changed to "mid-2017".[66] The next February, a full trailer was released, showcasing Celeste's gameplay.[67] In April 2017, the development team published the first post for an Instagram account written in-character as Theo. The series of images framed as Theo's selfies serve as a prelude to the events of Celeste, detailing Theo's backstory and journey to Celeste Mountain.[68]

Madeline and Badeline appeared as crossover characters in the Nintendo Switch version of TowerFall, released on September 27, 2018.[72] In October 2018, Scarlet Moon Records announced Prescriptions for Sleep: Celeste, an album of Celeste cover songs described by Nintendo Life as "lullaby-style renditions" of the game's soundtrack. Prescriptions for Sleep: Celeste features violin by Maiko, saxophone by Norihiko Hibino, and piano by AYAKI, with Raine serving as co-producer.[73] An open pre-order window for a Celeste collector's edition produced by Limited Run Games began on January 1, 2019.[74] On January 21, it was announced that the game's soundtrack would receive an album of piano covers by Trevor Alan Gomes, titled Celeste Piano Collections, a part of the Piano Collections series by Materia Collective,[75] released on January 25.[76] In July, Materia Collective purchased the publishing rights for the music, and the composers of the game's B-side music went without royalties for 17 months.[77] For its fifth anniversary in January 2023, it was announced that a new Celeste collector's edition from Fangamer would release that June.[78]

In December 2018, Thorson announced that additional downloadable content (DLC) levels for Celeste would be released in "early 2019".[79][80] The final chapter of Celeste, Farewell, was released as free DLC on September 9, 2019,[81][82] however the team noted that the Xbox One version would have a slight delay.[83][84]

Celeste was heavily praised by critics upon release. According to the review aggregate website Metacritic, Celeste received "universal acclaim" on consoles,[87][88][89] and "generally favorable reviews" on PC.[90] Reviewers praised the game, with many describing it as "magnificent", "excellent", or "special",[c] and IGN called it a "surprise masterpiece".[3] It was considered by Hardcore Gamer to be among the best games of 2018,[3] and Ars Technica called it "the most intense, memorable, and satisfying platformer" of the 2010s.[4] Celeste was further described as "memorable" by GameSpot,[23] and many reviewers found that it was a game they'd recommend to everyone.[7][18][3] Reviewers appreciated how the game blended narrative and gameplay,[d] and Eurogamer saying that "everything in Celeste speaks of care and attention".[7] Game Informer said that Celeste was "easy to love and hard to put down",[9] while Rock Paper Shotgun said they "enjoyed every minute" of Celeste.[91]

Upon release, Celeste received several nominations and accolades, including for Game of the Year, from outlets and award shows. IGN nominated Celeste for Game of the Year in its 2018 'Best of' awards.[97] The game was ranked by Polygon as the fifth best game of 2018,[93] and ranked by USgamer as the second best game of 2018.[98] Celeste was Shacknews' Best Indie Game of 2018,[99] and Ars Technica considered it to be the best game overall in 2018.[100]

Prior to release, Berry commented that a potential sequel to Celeste was not currently planned, saying that the team "told the story [they] wanted to tell".[29] Before the release of Farewell, Thorson said that the team "really [doesn't] want to make a sequel" to Celeste,[17] adding that the team is unaware how they would be able to "do a sequel justice", and that they are "way more interested in making something new" than revisiting an old creation.[116] In a blog post commemorating the game's fourth anniversary in 2022, Thorson said, "I do not want to make Celeste again and I do not want to be who I was when we made Celeste, again", and that she would like to move forward with future projects.[117] 041b061a72


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