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SQL Server 2022 Revealed: A Hybrid Data Platfor...

What can SQL 2022 do for you? Richard chats with Bob Ward about the upcoming release of SQL Server 2022 and its evolution toward data anywhere. Bob talks about running SQL on edge devices, on-premises, in containers, virtual machines, and, of course, in the cloud. The management tools like Azure Arc make it easy to take care of all the places your SQL data can now live - and let you be the data administrator you can be! Check out Bob's latest book on SQL Server 2022 and all its hybrid data capabilities!

SQL Server 2022 Revealed: A Hybrid Data Platfor...

SQL Server 2022 (16.x) builds on previous releases to grow SQL Server as a platform that gives you choices of development languages, data types, on-premises or cloud environments, and operating systems.

Query Store helps you better track performance history, troubleshoot query plan related issues, and enable new capabilities in Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and SQL Server 2022 (16.x). CTP 2.1 introduces Query Store enabled by default for new databases. If you need to enable the query store, see Enable the Query Store.

For databases that have been restored from other SQL Server instances and for those databases that are upgraded from an in-place upgrade to SQL Server 2022 (16.x), these databases will retain the previous Query Store settings.

Azure Synapse Link for SQL: Previously, moving data from on-premises databases, like SQL Server, to Synapse required you to use extract, transform, and load (ETL). Configuring and running an ETL pipeline is time-consuming, and insights often lag behind what is happening at any moment. Azure Synapse Link for SQL Server 2022 provides automatic change feeds to capture the changes within SQL Server and feed them into Azure Synapse Analytics. Synapse Link provides near real-time analysis and hybrid transactional and analytical processing with minimal impact on operational systems. Once the data comes to Synapse, you can combine it with many different data sources, regardless of their size, scale, or format, and run powerful analytics over all of it using your choice of Azure Machine learning, Spark, or Power BI. Because the automated change feeds only push what is new or different, data transfer occurs much faster and allows for near real-time insights, all with minimal impact on the performance of the source database in SQL Server 2022.

Availability: With Contained Availability Groups you can create an Always On availability group that manages its own metadata objects (users, logins, permissions) at the availability group level in addition to the instance level with contained availability groups. Additionally, it keeps multi-write environments running smoothly when you have users across multiple locations. With SQL Server 2022, we are automating the last-writer wins rule to ensure that when a conflict is detected, the most recent modification time will be chosen to be persisted on all replicas.

Know how to use the new capabilities and cloud integrations in SQL Server 2022. This book covers the many innovative integrations with the Azure Cloud that make SQL Server 2022 the most cloud-connected edition ever. The book covers cutting-edge features such as the blockchain-based Ledger for creating a tamper-evident record of changes to data over time that you can rely on to be correct and reliable. You'll learn about built-in Query Intelligence capabilities to help you to upgrade with confidence that your applications will perform at least as fast after the upgrade than before. In fact, you'll probably see an increase in performance from the upgrade, with no code changes needed. Also covered are innovations such as contained availability groups and data virtualization with S3 object storage.

Azure Database for MySQL, a fully managed and scalable MySQL database service, can now scale input/output (IO) on-demand without having to pre-provision a certain amount of IO per second. Customers will enjoy worry-free IO management in Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server because the server will scale input/output operations per second (IOPS) up or down automatically depending on workload needs.

The SAP Change Data Connector (CDC) for Azure Data Factory is now generally available. This feature, which previewed in June 2022, allows customers to easily bring SAP data into Azure for analytics, AI and other apps.

Hybrid Azure offerings provide consistent experiences for customers across on-premises, one or more clouds and the edge. With new Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) hybrid deployment options, in preview, customers can now effectively extend cloud to edge as they centrally deploy and manage AKS enabled by Azure Arc on Windows devices, Windows IoT, Windows Server 2019/2022 and Azure Stack HCI. Through this consistent managed Kubernetes experience, organizations can run containerized apps regardless of their location in a datacenter, the Azure cloud and/or a physical location or device.

Azure Stack HCI offers subscription-based management for customers who need hybrid infrastructure in their own datacenters. Enabled by Azure Arc, Azure Stack HCI is introducing a new release with many new features to increase security, versatility and performance. They include:

Rigid workstations often limit developer productivity. Getting set up with these resources requires support from admin teams and stretching them across hybrid workspaces can result in security vulnerabilities. Microsoft Dev Box, a new service introduced at Microsoft Build 2022, provides developers with self-service access to high-performance, cloud-based workstations preconfigured and ready-to-code for specific projects.

With embedded Microsoft Teams chat, users can collaborate with stakeholders directly from within Dynamics 365. This allows users to use Dynamics 365 data as an organizing layer for Teams collaboration activity and to link chats to Dynamics 365 records, including sales opportunities and service cases, for convenient access for all participants. The feature, now in preview as part of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, is expected to be generally available in October 2022.

Comprehensive security requires a proactive approach to data protection and governance. With the increase in hybrid work, Microsoft knows users want to balance modern security with modern collaboration. The newest innovations in Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management are designed to help address these challenges with a focus on Microsoft Teams data governance and extensibility. These features include:

For data governance, Microsoft announced the preview of Dynamic Lineage for Azure SQL Databases in Microsoft Purview to enrich the Microsoft purview Data Map with details from actual runs of SQL stored procedures in Azure SQL databases for customers to govern their data cross hybrid and multicloud environments.

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 has been in preview since 2021, providing organizations with early access. The cloud integrations that are part of the SQL Server 2022 release enable organizations to back up databases to the cloud for disaster recovery.

Organizations often have multiple SQL Server deployments on premises for high availability, but for disaster recovery, they need to move data to a different location. The combination of Azure SQL Managed Instance with SQL Server 2022 now enables organizations to get a read-only replica of their data from which they can recover when needed.

For the last two years, Microsoft users have been able to use Azure Synapse Analytics for data analytics on cloud data. With SQL Server 2022, Microsoft enabled Azure Synapse to work with data that is stored in the on-premises database.

Enabling data governance for data that is on premises as well as in the cloud is another key capability that is supported in Microsoft SQL Server 2022. The Microsoft Purview data governance service can now also give organizations visibility into data and how it is used, whether the data resides in the cloud or on premises.

When deploying the server as a Docker container, using the HDP_DATABASE_ADVANCED_OPTIONS option to enable SSL (HDP_DATABASE_ADVANCED_OPTIONS=EncryptionMethod=SSL) failed to enable SSL against the system database.

The Hybrid Data Pipeline server and On-Premises Connector have been upgraded to install and use Tomcat 9.0.63. This addresses the CVE-2022-23181 security vulnerability that was mitigated with the resolution of Issue HDP-5924. (On-Premises Connector version

The shipping version of the Tomcat server was upgraded from Tomcat 9.0.54 to 9.0.63. This addresses the CVE-2022-23181 security vulnerability that was mitigated with the resolution of Issue HDP-5924. (On-Premises Connector

Hybrid Data Pipeline has been updated to use Spring Framework version 5.3.18, Spring Boot version 2.6.6, and Spring Security version 5.6.2 to address the vulnerability described in CVE-2022-22965. (Hybrid Data Pipeline server, On-Premises Connector, JDBC driver

Hybrid Data Pipeline supports changing the catalog of data sources. The setCatalog method can be used to change catalogs in JDBC, while the connection attribute SQL_ATTR_CURRENT_CATALOG can be used in ODBC. Support for changing catalogs includes support for changing the default database on an active connection to a SQL Server data source. This support extends to any data source configured with an underlying JDBC connector that supports the setCatalog method. This enhancement is available in the latest build of the Hybrid Data Pipeline server ( Components such as the Hybrid Data Pipeline ODBC and JDBC drivers, as well as the On-Premises Connector must be reinstalled to adopt the enhancement (On-Premises Connector version, ODBC driver, JDBC driver

Support for environment variables to specify server and system database credentials during the installation process has been added. The use of environment variables allows you to perform a more secure silent installation, compared to a standard silent installation where credential information must be specified in plain text in the silent installation response file. See Silent installation process in the user's guide for details. 041b061a72


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